Builder 2.0.0 Released.

Changes in 2.0.0

  • UTF-8 characters in data are now correctly translated to their XML equivalents. (Thanks to Sam Ruby)
  • Attribute values are now escaped by default. See the README file for details.

NOTE: The escaping attribute values by default is different than in previous releases of Builder. This makes version 2.0.0 somewhat incompatible with the 1.x series of Builder. If you use "&", "<", or ">" in attributes values, you may have to change your code. (Essentially you remove the manual escaping. The new way is easier, believe me).

What is Builder?

Builder::XmlMarkup is a library that allows easy programmatic creation of XML markup. For example:

  builder =>STDOUT, :indent=>2)
  builder.person { |b|"Jim");"555-1234") }

will generate:



The easiest way to get and install builder is via RubyGems …

  gem install builder    (you may need root/admin privileges)


  • Sam Ruby for the XChar module and the related UTF-8 translation tools.
  • Also to Sam Ruby for gently persuading me to start quoting attribute values.